March 28, 2005

Tivo Testing Popup Banner Ads

To the collective sigh of Tivo owners everywhere, Tivo has begun beta-testing pop up banner ads when you fast forward through commercials. The ad takes up to 25 percent of the screen and is being tested only on Series 2 boxes. If it goes into full launch, subscribers will NOT be able to opt out of the program even if you have a Series 1 box. As long as they don't get rid of the 30 sec commercial skip Easter egg, this won't be a problem. Unfortunately I have a funny feeling it will go away someday. Everybody now. SIGH!

The first test feature--a tag--pops up on the screen when a viewer is fast-forwarding through an advertisement. If viewers press the thumbs-up or select button during the half second the tag is displayed, they will be redirected to a menu that leads to more information about the advertised product. The tag takes up about 25 percent of the screen, according to the company.