February 23, 2008

Street Fighter IV Videos

February 21, 2008

Costco TV Price Check

I went to the local Costco just now and jotted down these prices.

Panasonic TH42PC77U 42 inch Plasma $949.99 - down $50 from December
TH50PE700 50 inch 1080p Plasma $2299.99 - down $200 from December
TH50PC77U 50 inch 720p Plasma $1449.99 - down $200 from December
TH57PE75U 58 inch 720p Plasma $2399.99 - up $100 from December

Sony KDL40SL130 40 inch LCD - $999.99
KDL52WL135 52 inch 1080p 120hz LCD - $2999.99
KDL46VL130 46 inch 1080p LCD - $1999.99 - same as December
KDL40VL130 40 inch 1080p LCD - $1449.99 - down $200 from December

Sharp LCC5262 52 inch 1080p LCD - $2499.99 - same as December
LCC3242U 32 inch LCD - $749.99

Interestingly most of the Panasonic plasma TVs have come down from December, except the 720p 58 incher. The 1080p LCDs have kept their price points. I do not follow Vizio as the quality of those panels are pretty inferior. This is coming from experience. - Discuss

February 10, 2008

Apple iPod Touch Games?

There is a job listing on Apple Corporate's website that makes it highly likely we are going to see more handheld games on the iPod, iPhone, and iPod Touch in the coming future. Note the "deep appreciation" for casual games line.

-Proven track-record in the areas of game design and production.
-6+ years of Game production / Game design experience.
-Possesses a deep appreciation for casual games and demonstrates a strong understanding of genre and marketplace trends.

February 04, 2008

I'm on Twitter - Follow Me and I'll Follow You

I am finally on Twitter - http://twitter.com/firstadopter

If you become a follower of me, I promise to return the favor and follow you. I would love to get to know more fellow First Adopters.