December 25, 2006

You Don't Know Jack is Back

A franchise that is a blast from the PC past is back as a web-only game. It's fun and has polish, worth a try.

December 24, 2006

First Gen PS3 Games Look Worse than Xbox 360

Gamespot has a nice comparison piece with screenshots that show that the Xbox 360 versions of various games have better graphics than the PS3. This will probably change next year, but for now the 360 has the best versions of the multi-platform titles.

December 18, 2006

Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS

Here's a teaser trailer for Dragon Quest IX for the DS. Ouch Sony, ouch.

December 07, 2006

November NPD Sales Figures

NPD Group released their U.S. videogame sales figures. Software came in at $804 million, up 15% over last year. Hardware came in at $771 million, up 69% over last year, with the new launches of the PS3 and Nintendo Wii.

Gears of War sold 1 million units. Zelda: Twilight Princess sold 412,000. Guitar Hero II sold 356,000. Final Fantasy XII sold 896,000. The PS3 sold a paltry 197,000 units. The Wii came in at 476,000. The Nintendo DS ruled over all with 918,000. PS2 did well at 664,000. GBA was 641,000.

Overall it was a great month for Nintendo as the DS continued its amazing run and the Wii has good launch supplies. Sony had a mixed month with the PS3 supply constrained and the PS2 continuing to do well. Source

December 03, 2006

Electronic Arts CEO Says Only 200,000 PS3s were Shipped

Sony promised that they will ship 400,000 Playstation 3s at launch, however the CEO of Electronic Arts said at a conference that only 200,000 were actually shipped. He also said only 500,000 to 800,000 are likely to be shipped by the end of the year. Ouch.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves Gameplay Video

This game will be released on January 15th.

Gran Turismo HD Cancelled

Kazunori Yamaouchi, CEO and producer of Gran Turismo, has said they will cancel Gran Turismo HD and focus on developing Gran Turismo 5. Don't fret however, as they will release Gran Turismo HD as a downloadable game on December 24 at least in Japan. It will feature 10 cares, 1 course, and the new engine that will be in Gran Turismo 5. There will be no head-to-head online support other than a network ranking. I guess this means we won't see the online version of Gran Turismo 4 either that was promised a million times.

Sony Names New President After PS3 Fiasco

Ken Kutragi is will give up current role as president and become chairman. Ken will have a more strategic role and give up day-to-day operations control. Kazuo Hirai will become the new president and chief operating officer. This comes at a time when the Playstation 3 is reeling from component supply issues and being unable to launch at sufficient quantities. Ken Kutaragi was one rumored to be a leading candidate to become CEO of Sony. Now it seems he is all but gone as a future candidate.