July 10, 2006

The Words that Sparked Zidane's Headbutt

The Daily Mail hired an expert lip reader to find out what the Italy's Matterazzi said to spark Zidane's fury. He called him the equivalent of "nig**r" and said his mother was a "terrorist whore". Zidane's mother happens to be seriously ill in the hospital these days. The story of how Zidane's parents suffered in poverty enduring racism to raise Zidane is well-known. In no way do I condone Zidane's action, but with the racism and hateful words so prevalent in today's world, I can understand his reaction. If true, Matterazzi also deserves the scorn and should be ashamed of himself.

If you look carefully at the video above, it looks like Italy's Matterazzi may have actually twisted Zidane's nipple before the headbutt when he wrapped his arm around him. Matterazzi is famous for his dirty tactics (video). Watch him kick player's calfs, groins, and heads. It's sad to see a real loser like him win the World Cup. Permalink - Discuss