April 23, 2006

Favorite Top 15 Gaming Moments of All-Time

Here are some of my favorite gaming moments of all-time.

-Playing Doom on PC multiplayer for the first time and crashing the campus network. Thanks iD for publishing it right for finals. I almost failed out of school because of the game.

-The opening sequence of Blood Money on the Commodore Amiga. Unbelievable.

-Watching Shadow of the Beast parallax scrolling on the Commodore Amiga. The game kind of sucked, but man the graphics were amazing.

-Unreal on PC. The sequence where the lights go out and the monster comes at you from behind. And then going outside for the first time, looking at the beautiful sky and scenery.

-Quake on PC playing CTF, using the grappling hook to jump around like Spiderman. Jumping down on the enemy around their flag and blowing away 4 of them with my shotgun. That was sweet.

-Silent Service on Commodore 64. Firing torpedoes and diving quick, hearing depth charges exploding around you. Trying to survive.

-Gunship on Commodore 64, the graphics sucked, wireframe tanks, but it sure was fun imagining the missions in your head pretending you were Airwolf.

-Nintendo's Legend of Zelda. Grabbing pieces of the Triforce after a difficult boss battle and then going above ground moving around humming the theme song. Good times.

-The opening intro for Out of This World on the Commodore Amiga. Cinematic animation.

-Playing Streetfighter II in college at the local snack bar. We would play for hours with 8-10 guys, switching turns tournament style. Da-yu-gen.

-Speedball 2 on the Commodore Amiga. That was one of the best sports games of all-time

-Kick Off 2 on the Commodore Amiga. Real life soccer dribbling.

-Rampart on Atari Lynx, wasted HOURS before bed-time

-Civilization on PC. One of the few games I stayed up all night playing when I first got it. Beat the game in 2-3 days.

-Ace of Pacific on PC. Remember playing thing on my Dad's 386. Great polygon graphics for its time. [Discuss your favorites]