January 14, 2006

Digg vs. Slashdot


Our friendly professional blogger kottke got dug and slashdotted for one of his posts. He writes on how the hit barrage was different and how Slashdot actually brought in more traffic. Someday FirstAdopter will have this kind of super power. Wu wu ha ha.

The story had been “dugg” 1387 times[2], garnered 65 comments, and had sent ~20,000 people to kottke.org. On 1/8 at around 5pm ET (a Sunday afternoon), the 50 Things/iPod link appeared on Slashdot's front page and was up there for around 24 hours. As of 10pm ET on 1/11, the story has elicited 254 comments and sent ~84,100 people to kottke.org.