August 11, 2005

Google CEO Uses Yahoo Email Address.. Still

If there is one lucky son of a gun in the world, it's Eric Schmidt. After driving Novell into the ground, he was hired by the Google co-founders to be their CEO. Why would the all powerful most hyped hottest IPO company of all-time the "do no evil" Google! hire someone who's main corporate experience was getting destroyed by Microsoft?

Speculation has it when the Google co-founders were looking for a CEO, they made the stipulation they still wanted complete control of the company. Of course any CEO worth its salt turned them down. I mean who wants to be a CEO who has no control and is a babysitter puppet figurehead? Which leaves us with Eric hitting the jackpot. Fortunately for Mr. Lucky Jackpot, his Google holdings at recent stock prices went over $4 billion in value.

Which leads us to this latest adventure in the world of Eric-dom. If you go to his homepage at, you will notice two things. First is the gall and pretention of using the Wall St. Journal cartoon of himself as his homepage picture. As if to say, look at me, I'm so important the Wall Street Journal, the capitalist journal of our time, has a cartoon of me.

Second you notice he is still using his frakking (Battlestar Galactica talk) Yahoo email address. Yes the Google CEO has his Yahoo email address on his homepage MONTHS after the release of Google's GMail product. Third, even though he loves Yahoo email you will notice the address on the bottom is Google's headquarters. Not smart. Yes he's richer than 6 billion people in the world, but still it's not too smart.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. There is no way this is legit. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I can go back using

Look at on May 1st, 2001. You will see a normal picture of himself on top at Networld+Interop conference and his Novell email address on the bottom. Unless some hacker was able to go back in time 4 years to create this spoofed website, I think it's pretty obvious Mr. Billionaire is the man behind this caper.

Just in case the current goes down (which I fully expect to happen within a day when Google finds out about this), you can check the archived site of September 18th, 2004 which has the same homepage as today's site.

For a "do no evil company", Mr Schmidt recently has lashed out against CNET for Google-ing his name and publishing an article. Google is now banishing CNET reporters as an organization for one year in retribution. Warning to Google, if you give me retribution and magically lower my AdSense revenue, I'll just switch to Yahoo. I'll go hooting and hollering for all the world to hear, so please don't hurt me. I promise to play nice to the "do no evil" company which is all powerful as has access to all my personal and private information.
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