May 07, 2005

Link Roundup

Katamari Damacy 2 - We Love Katamari, what a weird name
Bill Gates Interviewed - He loves Xbox 2
EB Games and Gamestop - 1+1=3?
Forza Motorsport Reviews - rocking the house
Ethusia Pro Racing Reviews - boring the house
Xbox 360 controller - first picture
Next-Gen Console War - Sony win again?
PS3 over Xbox 360 - three times as fast
ATI Multi-video Processing - watch out Nvidia SLI
Google Web Accelerator - messing up the web
PSP UMD Cracked - oh oh
How Lightsabers Work - I still want one
PalmOne Life-drive is for Real - I don't know if I want one
Sharkyextreme High-End Gaming Buyer's Guide - $2500!
Portable Gamecube Pics - if Nintendo was smart, they would do this
4 Huge Dell LCDs - nice monitor setup
Apple Shuffle 58% Flash Player Marketshare in 6 months - wow
LG Plasma with DVR - it would suck if your DVR broke though
Cablevision Says Verizon Fios is No Threat - hehe
Vonage Raise $200 Million - go big or go home
Nintendo DS Being Naughty - strange ads from a family friendly co