February 14, 2005

Dell 2405FPW 24" Widescreen Ultrasharp LCD Monitor Launched

Dell has launched the 24" Widescreen Ultrasharp 2405FPW LCD Monitor on their website today. Specs include:

-24 inches of widescreen goodness
-1920x1200 native resolution
-12 ms response time for movies and gamers
-Dual input support for DVI and analog connections
-Consumer electronics inputs such as S-video, composite
-Picture in picture capability for PC and TV viewing at same time
-4 port USB hub and 9 in 1 memory card reader built-in

Dell also notes some video cards will not support the 1920x1200 wide-screen resolution. Please check with your video card manufacturer before buying the monitor. This monitor sounds awesome for games, PVR use, and movie watching. Who is going to get the first one? It is slated to come out in March. Join us on the biggest Dell LCD monitor message boards on the internet. [Discussion] - thanks to bshort for the link