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Xbox One We Have a “Coil Whine Noise” Problem

September 11th, 2014 No comments

After reading hundreds of messages across various internet sites and Twitter it is becoming increasingly evident that a large chunk (if not all) of Xbox One consoles sold in the past few days have a “coil whine” noise problem. You can hear it in this YouTube video:

Microsoft already has told Kotaku and Gamespot it has acknowledged the issue, but the company down-played it by saying it only affects “a small number” of systems.  The evidence however clearly shows it is a much larger problem. I read numerous reports of consumers exchanging their Xbox One console 3-4 times (see below) at their local retailer to no avail. All of the exchanged consoles have the same “coil whine” noise problem.

It is more likely a large percentage of current shipments are impacted with these bad coils. Let’s hope Microsoft can get this coil parts supply chain fixed into the holiday because if it doesn’t it would spell disaster for sales reminiscent of the red-ring-of-death from the Xbox 360 days. In the mean-time I would not buy an Xbox One console until we get confirmation this issue is resolved.

Examples of “coil whine” noise reports:

1) “I went through 4 from Amazon. After the 4th, they told me I needed to take a refund because they couldnt continue to replace the units. I then took my business to Target. After the 3rd one at Target, I got another refund and essentially just gave up.” Link

2) “This is the FIRST of THREE Xbox Ones I’ve had in the past 24hrs … I’m now returning the 3rd one and NEVER buying and Xbox One again” Link

3) “I went back to Best Buy today to get my replacement X-box one and the lady behind the register said this is the 4th one being replaced today” Link

4) “Just gave my xbox one to the transport guys to ship it back and get a refund. This was my 4th one alreadyLink 

5) “I got my replacement Xbox Form Microsoft directly today. The noise is still there” Link

6) “he returned to the store, they open and tested 5 consoles just to find all of them had the same problemsLink

7) “bought a kinectless xbox 2 days ago and had this issue. Replaced it today, it’s updating now and the noise is there again. It’s incredibly annoying” Link

8) “I’ve had 3 brand new european xbox ones with that same irritating noise” Link

9) “I am now on my 4th noisy 1540-1425X.” Link

10) “The same problem here. 4 infected consoles.” Link

11) “I have around 6-8 friends that bought Xbox Ones when it came out here in Sweden. About half report this noise problem.” Link

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S&P500 Seasonality in the Last 30 Years

September 5th, 2014 No comments

h/t @fullcarry

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August Jobs Number 142K vs. 230K Estimate

September 5th, 2014 No comments

Source: Bloomberg

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August ISM Non-Manufacturing 59.6 vs. 57.5 est./58.7 Prior

September 4th, 2014 No comments


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Costco August Comp Sales Accelerate

September 4th, 2014 No comments


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Third Point August 2014 Month-end Exposures and Performance

September 2nd, 2014 No comments


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ISM Manufacturing 59.0 vs. 56.8 est./57.1 prior

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Conn’s (CONN) Q2 FY2015 Earnings Results and Excerpts

September 2nd, 2014 No comments
  • Revenue $353M vs. $353.7M est. Adjusted EPS 50c vs. 75c est.
  • Guides FY2015 same-store +5 to 10% and EPS to $2.80 to $3.00 vs. $3.54 est.
  • Same-store sales +11.7%
    ”Credit segment provision for bad debts on an annualized basis was 13.9% of the average outstanding portfolio balance in the current quarter and 11.1% on an annualized basis for the first six months of fiscal 2015”

    ”..delinquency unexpectedly deteriorated across all credit quality levels, customer groups, product categories, geographic regions and years of origination”

    ”sixty-day delinquency rates unexpectedly deteriorated a combined 90 basis points in July and August. We now expect future 60-plus day delinquency to increase to levels above our historical highs in the third and fourth quarter of fiscal 2015”

    ”In response to higher delinquency, we are reducing the level of no-interest programs and raising the interest rates in some markets to increase portfolio yield.”

    Source: Link

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick at Recode Conference Excerpts

June 9th, 2014 No comments


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Zynga (ZNGA) Merrill 2014 Technology Conference Notes

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