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Microsoft Xbox One Console Mark-downs

With all the channel checks showing a dramatic slow-down (Link) in next generation Xbox One hardware console sales in contrast to the Sony Playstation 4 sales staying relatively better, it is not surprising to see retailers marking down the Xbox One with promotions and bundles to get their inventory moving.

1) Frys selling for $20 off



2) Newegg and another eBay seller selling for $20 off too on January 27th, 2014


3) Newegg bundling a new Xbox One and EA’s Battlefield 4 game (worth $60) for the same price as an Xbox One


4) Costco selling the Xbox One for $479.99. h/t @iansherr

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  • Chris Hynes

    MS missed out big time with the Xbox One by not including TV and DVR control with the HDMI passthough. If One could eliminate the need to switch between different boxes and modes, and get you down to One remote, that would have been a huge selling point right there.

    As it is, One doesn’t have a whole lot of selling points other than being a beefier 360.