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The Story of Chris Camillo: Turning $20,000 into $2 million in 3 years

-1 or 2 big trades a year

-$20,000 to $2 million 2007 to 2010

-retrain my mind, to identify game-changing things in real life that were having game-changing impacts on public companies

-see something in your life that Wall Street hasn’t picked up on yet, opportunity to make information arbitrage investment

-moment that Wall Street starts talking about that thing you picked up on, exit the investment

-what you notice around you, what people are adapting too

-LGF doubled on Hunger Games in 6 months

-20-40% position size into next trade. "invest with conviction" 1-2 investments a year. "material" "big game-changing event" for whatever reason Wall Street has missed

-8 or 9 investments in 3 years. 1 miss, 7-8 all hits triple digit returns 300-500% returns in short period of time

-no stocks at moment, may wait 8-9 months, all about patience

-continue to live my life, read lots of magazines, go to movies, go to restaurants, observe the world around me, "continue to hone my sense of critical observation"

-"when you see something game-changing if Wall Street hasn’t picked up on it, that’s your opportunity to make a game-changing big trade"

Other Past Chris’ “Game-Changing” Stock Ideas

DECK on Uggs
CROX on Crocs
AAPL on iPhone
TRLG on True Religion Jeans
JCG on Michelle Obama pumping J. Crew clothes
ATVI on Guitar Hero
IMAX on Avatar 3D movie 
TGT on Missoni launch

Sources: Bloomberg video, internet sites

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