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FA Notes July 26, 2011

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LCD TV sales still weak. Link
”The economies in Europe and US continue to struggle in their recoveries causing the consumption of TVs to be weak…The price of TVs has been falling rapidly with gross margins getting smaller, said industry sources”

Italian and Spanish debt yields rise. Link

Case-Shiller Housing Composite 20 May -4.51% y/y vs. -4.50% est., -3.96% prior

Soros returns outsider investor money. Link

Consumer confidence 59.5 vs. 57 est, 58.5 prior
New home sales 312K vs. 321K est, 319K prior

PIMCO on the potential of QE3 using the 2 year Treasury. Link

Goldman COO graduation speech. Link

Spotify playlists of the rich and famous. Link

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FA Notes July 25, 2011

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AMTD ETFC – TDAmeritrade considering a take-out of E*Trade. Link

NFLX DWA – Dreamworks in talks with Netflix about exclusive streaming rights. Link

Spotify has about 70,000 paid subs after 1 week in the U.S. Link

HFTs using machines to trade news feeds. Link

MU SNDK – Flash and DRAM memory prices continue to fall. Link

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FA Notes July 22, 2011

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S&P latest press release on the debt ceiling. Link

Fitch says role of private sector in the Greek bailout plan would constitute a “restrictive default”

Euro zone 440B euro fund will now be able to buy bonds on the secondary market and lend directly to countries/banks

July Munich Ifo Institute German business confidence 112.9 vs. 114.5 in June

John Paulson calls BAC a disappointment. He is shorting the euro. Link

ISDA says EU’s aid package shouldn’t trigger Greece CDS. Link

AAPL NFLX – Apple considering a Hulu bid. Link

Greece private creditors agree to 21% loss on their bond holdings. Link

CAT in FT – Mr Oberhelman added that China, a significant end market for the company, was doing “a good job of balancing growth and inflation, and our expectations for China remain positive,” despite a softening of growth during the quarter.

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FA Notes July 21, 2011

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Jobless claims 418K vs. 415K est., 405K prior

Interview with Frank Quattrone. Link

Draft of the EU Greece proposal document. Link

John Paulson is short the euro and lowering net exposure. He is also going to get redemptions in August. Link

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FA Notes July 20, 2011

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EU considering enabling the $626B rescue fund to lend to banks. Link

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FA Notes July 19, 2011

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Housing starts 629K vs. 575K est, 560K prior

German ZEW Economic Sentiment –15.1 vs. –11.8 est.

EU considering French plan of taxing banks to pay for Greece bailout. Link

Soros fund 75% in cash as they hit –6% YTD. Link

The difference between 5 and 7 hours of sleep. Link

Merkel dampens expectations for Thursday’s EU meeting. Link

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FA Notes July 18, 2011

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ECB didn’t buy bonds last week. Link

Interview with Carson Block, founder of Muddy Waters. Link

BAC – Needs to build $50B capital cushion. Link

Interview with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Link

New Yorker article on Ray Dalio. Link

AAPL – Apple testing iPad 3 Retina like displays. Link

Latest update on the euro-zone crisis. Link

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FA Notes July 16, 2011

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Washington Post on Obama’s frantic campaign to protect our AAA rating. Link

NFLX – Report the company will enter UK and Spain in Q1-2012. Link

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FA Notes July 15, 2011

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University of Michigan consumer sentiment 63.8 vs. 71 est., 71.5 prior

European Banking Authority 2011 EU-Wide Stress Test Link Link2

Corporate America will miss Munger. Link

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FA Notes July 14, 2011

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Jobless claims 405K vs. 405K est., 418K prior
PPI –0.4% vs. –0.3% est. m/m, ex food energy 0.3% vs. 0.2% est.

Europe PC sales not good. Link

MU – DRAM prices down another 7% in 1H July. Link

Latest update on the debt ceiling talks. Link

Software AG, Germany’s second large enterprise software company, misses sales estimates 256M-258M vs. 280M est. Link

Awesome interview with Chris Sacca. Must watch. Link

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