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FA Notes April 29, 2011

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Buffett on inflation and Bernanke. Link

NFLX – DirectTV is considering a streaming service to compete with Netflix. Link

ARMH AMD – ARM CEO is trying to get AMD to abandon x86 for ARM architecture. Link

INTC – Intel’s SSD product road-map. Link

RIMM – 2011 product line-up leak. Link

SPWRA – Total, the French oil company, bid $23.25 for 60% of SunPower, a 46% premium. Link


Today’s POMO $5-7 billion
Sell-side Jefferies downgrades RIMM from Buy to Underperform

Interview with a trader, Peter Brandt. Link

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FA Notes April 28, 2011

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Q1 GDP 1.8% vs. 2.0% est. GDP price index 1.9% vs. 2.2% est.
Jobless claims 429K vs. 390K est.

Fortune: Sandwich component costs sky-rocket. Link

Excelon to Buy Constellation Energy for $7.9 billion in a stock deal. Link

Today’s POMO: $5-7 billion

EB+ AET (guidance)

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FA Notes April 27, 2011

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Fed keeps rates unchanged. “Extended” language still included. Will complete the full $600B QE2. Commodity inflation is “transitory”

AAPL – Apple responds with a Q&A on the iPhone location data controversy. Link

SVVS – CenturyLink acquires Savvis for $2.5 billion in cash and stock. Link

SINA – CEO says no immediate plans to spin-off microblog operations. Link

Compal lowers 2011 notebook unit guidance from 55M to 48M due to tablets. Link

UMC – UMC is cautious about Q2. Link

SMOD – Why Silver Lake acquired this SSD maker. Link

Today’s POMO: 0
Sell-side: Goldman removes BRCM from Conviction Buy list. Goldman downgrades YOKU to Neutral


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FA Notes April 26, 2011

April 26th, 2011 No comments


SNE – Sony unveils 2 tablets to be released later this year. Link

Carl Icahn responds to the New York Times. Link

LWSN – Lawson Software agrees to a take-under acquisition at $11.25. Link

GOOG – YouTube to expand its movie-on-demand service. Link

Facebook Deals service starting today in 5 test cities. Link

Buffett’s bet against hedge-funds tightens. Link

Today’s POMO: $1.5-2.5 billion
Sell-side: Janney downgrades NFLX to Sell

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FA Notes April 21, 2011

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TRAD – Monex acquires Tradestation for $9.75 in cash.

AAPL – What Apple can do with its $65.76 billion in cash? Link

Fortune article on the RenRen IPO. Link

Sell-side: Goldman Downgrades SINA to Sell Link
Today’s POMO: 0

Trading Radar: SCSS TRAD

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FA Notes April 20, 2011

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Central banks in South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia intervened to slow the rise of their currencies against the U.S. dollar. Link

AAPL – Reuters confirms the September launch of iPhone 5. Link

Epic (maker of Gears of War) is worried about the future of the gaming industry due to 99c app games. Link

GS – Meredith Whitney lays into Goldman management. Link
Goldman Sachs’s nature to wait for client volumes to come back,” said Whitney. “It feels structurally long-lived. So what happens over the next few quarters if we still have volumes like this?”

Viniar began with his standard-issue I-don’t-like-to-make-predictions disclaimer. Then he got to the meat of the matter—sort of: “If volumes continue to stay where they are or get slower and we think they’re going to stay that way, then we’re going to have to make some changes whether to capital, to head count, or to other expense items.”


Trading Radar: VMW INTC
Today’s POMO: $1-2 billion
WSJ: Negative on INTC “Premature Party”

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FA Notes April 19, 2011

April 19th, 2011 No comments

STX – Seagate to buy Samsung’s hard-drive business for $1.38 billion. Link
Western Digital accounted for 31 percent of global hard drive shipments in the fourth quarter, followed by Seagate’s 30 percent, Hitachi’s 18 percent, Toshiba’s 11 percent and Samsung’s 10 percent, according to IHS ISuppli estimates last month.

More thoughts on RenRen IPO. Link

Net bubble 2.0. Venture capitalists and outside investors are throwing money at tech start-ups. Link

AAPL – Apple sues Samsung due to copying iPhone and iPad look/feel. Link

NYTimes on Carl Icahn. Link
Besides, he thinks the markets are headed for a fall. “You’ve got to be a fool if you don’t think there will be a correction,” he says.

HAUP – Hauppauge Colossus gets weak review. Link

Zillow files for an IPO. Link

Profile on Twitter investor Fred Wilson. Link

ERTS – Trailer for upcoming Battlefield 3 game. Link


Trading Radar: CR BMI
Today’s POMO: $5-7 billion

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FA Notes April 18, 2011

April 18th, 2011 No comments

Excerpt from a book that covers Google’s ordeal in China. Link

S&P lowers U.S. outlook to negative. Link

CYH – Community Health gets a U.S. subpoena. Link

STX WDC – Samsung may be looking to sell its hard-drive business to Seagate. Link

RenRen files to go public at a $4 billion valuation. Link Link

DMD – Demand Meda reaffirms FY2011 guidance after getting hit last week on worries that Google’s algorithm changes hurt their traffic. Link

CSCO – Cisco killer Huawei increased their profit by 30% in 2010. Link

AAPL – Concord Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, says iPhone 5 will come out in September. Link

Analysis of the top 4 social networks in China. Link

Sitting all day is bad for you. Link

Dropbox hits 25 million users and 200 million files per day. Link

Today’s POMO: $1.5-2.5 billion
Sell-side: Goldman upgrades AONE
Barrons: Positive on RIMM

Trading Radar: GOOG TITN GWW

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FA Notes April 15, 2011

April 15th, 2011 No comments

Michael Burry Vanderbilt Speech Notes. Link

AAPL – JP Morgan previews Apple’s quarter next week. Link

URBN – President Stephen Murray will be leaving the company.

My favorite casual gaming company PopCap had $100 million of revenue in 2010, +25% y/y. Link

Videogame console sales were down –16% y/y in March missing Wall Street expectations. Link

MMI – More companies are delaying their launch of Android tablets due to unstable performance of Android 3.0 and poor Xoom sales. Link

WSJ: GOOG hired 1900 people in the quarter with operating expenses +54% y/y. Link
WSJ: Groupon expected to pick Goldman and Morgan Stanley to lead their IPO later this year valued at $15-20 billion. Link


Trading Radar: INFY

Sell-side: Jefferies downgrades URBN to Underperform. Goldman initiates ATVI at Buy

Today’s POMO: $5-7 billion

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FA Notes April 14, 2011

April 14th, 2011 No comments

Yahoo still has some hidden Chinese internet assets. Link

Charlie Munger was broke and divorced at 31 years old. Link

Twitter reportedly received a $10 billion bid from Google. Link

Nintendo sells about 400K 3DS since launch. Link

Jobless claims 412K vs. 380K est., 382K prior

IDC comes out with their Q1 PC data. It’s weak with Acer the worst at down –42% y/y. Bye bye netbooks. Link

BIDU SINA – Baidu is entering the micro-blogging market. Link

Finland could block Portuguese bailout with new parliamentary elections on April 17th. Link

Irish politician wants a “structured default.” Link

German finance minister acknowledges Greece may have to restructure its debt. Link

INTC – Intel to push for using their chips for Android tablets with a $10 subsidy. Link

What is really rising and falling in price in the last 12 months. Link

Interview with the lost co-founder of Twitter. Ev is bad in this portrayal. Link

John Paulson is now negative on housing for 2011, a big reversal. Link

RIMM – Mossberg reviews the PlayBook tablet. Link

Tea partiers weigh debt-cap filibuster. Link

Janney on 10 reasons to own Gamestop. (very lame in my opinion) Link

Trading Radar: ZIP
Sell-side: Roth downgrades INTC to Neutral. BofA downgrades OPEN to Neutral.
Today’s POMO: $6-8 billion

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