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NPD U.S. March 2010 Videogame Sales

April 15th, 2010 No comments

Games: $1.52 billion (+6%)
Hardware: $440.5 million (-4%)
Software: $875.3 million (+10%)
Accessories: $206.8 million (+11%)

DS: 700,800
Wii: 557,500
Xbox 360: 338,400
PlayStation 3: 313,900
PSP: 119,900
PlayStation 2: 118,300

Title / Platform / Publisher / Release Date / Units sold
1. God of War III / PS3 / SCEA / Mar-10 / 1.1 million
2. Pokemon SoulSilver / DS / Nintendo / Mar-10 / 1.02 million
3. Final Fantasy XIII / PS3 / Square Enix / Mar-10 / 828,200
4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 / X360 / Electronic Arts / Mar-10 / 825,500
5. Pokemon HeartGold / DS / Nintendo / Mar-10 / 761,200
6. Final Fantasy XIII / X360 / Square Enix / Mar-10 / 493,900
7. New Super Mario Bros. Wii / Nintendo / Nov-09 / 457,400
8. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 / PS3 / Electronic Arts / Mar-10 / 451,200
9. Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board / Wii / Nintendo / Oct-09 / 429,600
10. MLB 10: The Show / PS3 / SCEA / Mar-10 / 349,200

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Apple iPad Impressions / Review

April 3rd, 2010 1 comment

I walked into my local Apple store around 3:30PM today. There was a line of 3-4 people waiting for the iPad demo station outside. It took about a 5 minute wait to get my hands on a store demo iPad. The store employees told me they were sold out of the 64GB model, but had plenty of the 16GB and 32GB SKUs in stock. This is good news for flash memory manufacturers like Sandisk as it looks like people are leaning toward using it as a media center for all their movies, music, and photos.

I got to play around with it for about 15-20 minutes. Here are my initial impressions.

-The screen is the BEST I have ever seen on a portable device, even better than the LED display on the MacBook Pro. Stunning clarity and colors. Steve Jobs made the right choice going with an IPS panel. This IS an amazing digital photo album device.
-The extra screen space makes huge difference over the iPhone in productivity apps such as the calendar and email. You can use a physical switch to lock in orientation, which is a great new feature.
-It’s fast. Felt like 50% faster than an iPhone.
-The Book reader app / store is as good as everyone says. Amazon should truly be worried about Kindle sales.

-It felt heavy after holding it a while. I recommend getting a case with a kick-stand because it is going to get tiresome holding it for long periods of time.
-iPhone apps do not look good on the bigger screen with ugly pixelation. Not a big deal as most widely used apps will be updated for the iPad.

-I will probably buy the 3G version later this month.
-This is the ultimate web-surfing on the couch and digital media consumption device.
-It did seem like more people in the store were there to “check it out” than buy it. In my time there, I only saw one sale.

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