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Activision (ATVI) CEO Bobby Kotick DICE Speech Notes

February 21st, 2010 No comments

-1990: 26 years old, paid $440,000 (all his money) to buy 25% of Mediagenic (Activision) bankrupt company. The company had rights to Joe Montana football, Myst, Infocom text games, Pitfall, River Raid, Kaboom, Mechwarrior
-first 2600 game was Kaboom, Pitball, River Raid, Activision hockey, Zork, Hitchhiker Guide’s to the Galaxy
-Bobby started a company in 1983 making Apple II software (game, word processor)
-was an EA developer for 4-5 years
-Mediagenic was making a word processor to compete with Microsoft
-he tried to acquire Commodore because of the Amiga (Amiga with CD player would be a great dedicated videogame system) with his best friend who had a hedge-fund and other wealthy investors. Tried for one year. Commodore CEO decided to compete with Sun Microsystems/workstations
-single dad with 3 daughters. I like to eat (addiction). Callouses from Defender. Play from time to time. If I was regularly playing games, I would not be able to stop
-marry personal interests with business opportunity in something you’re passionate about, very rare
-empowering people to do a great job. Make the resources available
-missed Maxis. Spent 1 day looking at SimCity 2000. Will Wright working a game called “Jefferson” (Sims), never went to look at it
-When buying Red Octane (Guitar Hero IP owner) and knew about Harmonix. Didn’t even go to Boston, it would of been better if they bought Harmonix
-mid-1990s Blizzard bought for $7 million. Bobby thought it was mind-boggling. 8-10 years later, Blizzard $700 million price with World of Warcraft in development. Merged when they were worth $7 billion
-Thinks the merger wouldn’t have worked earlier. It took them a lot of time to develop a culture that was respectful of the independent companies they worked with. Culture of partnership. Give resources and know when to stand back
-Only company he has seen, that has done this well to this point was Nintendo
-After 15 acquisitions, got to the place where they knew how to protect their culture. Creative inspired companies need to control their destiny. Fosters independent operation
-Jamdat was founded by people at Activision, sold to EA
-Pandemic was founded by people at Activision, sold to EA
-the really great products come from a team
-virtually all their studios are run by the original founders. Collaborative, driven, capable, ability to identify/recruit/retain other talented people, translate passion into products, people committed to excellence
-1983 he was 19 years old in his dorm room
-Zynga, Facebook games, there are some distribution platforms that allow for 2 guys in a dorm room
-first independent videogame competition, offer up to $500,000

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Tom Demark Session: Traders Expo New York Notes

February 15th, 2010 No comments

2/15/10 Session Notes

-introduced by Larry Williams, friend of Demark and a commodity trader for 40 years
-clients of Demark include Soros, Steve Cohen (special advisor), Fitch Bros., Cooperman, Tudor (executive VP), Steinhardt, John Burbank (Passport Capital)
-he likes to buy into weakness and sell into strength, opposite of the trend followers in 1970s
-61.8% and 38.2% are key fib numbers
-markets top not because of what smart buyers are doing, but absence of sellers
-He spent $2 million just to get accurate data. Was involved with a fund in 1970s which went from $200M to $6B
-believes you can’t trade as a hobby, must make it a full-time profession to compete against the likes of Steve Cohen
-Regards Steve Cohen as the best ever. Worked with him the last 14 years. He is consumed 24 hour/7 days a week by the markets
-good breakouts tend to happen after down closes the day before as the buying power wasn’t used up
-Demark spent most of the session bragging how well the 9/13 indicator number has worked over dozens of examples

After session conversations
-Best book: Demark Indicator (Blue cover)
-they will come out with a retail chart product in the coming months on Currently only CQG and Bloomberg are licensed. The Metastock stuff is illegal
-there are programmers who programmed their own indicators using Demark formulas on top of E-Signal and Tradestation. (Anyone do this for ThinkorSwim? Please contact me)

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Apolo Anton Ohno (Olympic Gold Medalist) on Doing your Best

February 14th, 2010 1 comment

“Before every day you go to sleep. Ask yourself one thing. Did you do every single thing you could today to make sure you did your best? It’s hard to answer yes, every single day. I don’t like to look at it in terms of me out-working the competition. I like to look at it as me conquering myself. Me being able to face my own fears and distractions and weaknesses and say that I over-came them.”

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NPD U.S. January 2010 Videogame Sales

February 11th, 2010 No comments

Hardware: $353.7 million (-21%)
Software: $597.9 million (-12%)
Accessories: $217 million (2%)
Total Games: $1.17 billion (-13%)

Wii: 465,800
Nintendo DS: 422,200
Xbox 360: 332,800
PlayStation 3: 276,900
PSP: 100,100
PlayStation 2: 41,600

Title / Platform / Publisher / Units**
1 New Super Mario Bros. Wii / Wii / Nintendo / 656,700
2 Mass Effect 2 / X360 / Electronic Arts / 572,100
3 Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board / Wii / Nintendo / 555,700
4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 / X360 / Activision / 326,700
5 Mario Kart Wii w/Wheel / Wii / Nintendo / 310,900
6 Wii Sports Resort w/Wii MotionPlus / Wii / Nintendo / 297,600
7 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 / PS3 / Activision / 259,000
8 Army of Two: The 40th Day / X360 / Electronic Arts / 246,500
9 Just Dance / Wii / Ubisoft / 191,900
10 Darksiders / X360 / THQ / 171,200

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