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2008 Ira Sohn Hedge-Fund Stock Picks Results

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A year ago, famous portfolio managers presented their stock picks during the Ira Sohn charity event. The only one that did well was was David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital. Many value investors such as Michael Price, Rich Pzena, and Bill Miller got their heads handed to them to say the least.

These results prove that even the most famous managers can get it wrong and it’s pure folly to follow blindly. The 2009 event will be on May 27th.

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  • Jake

    Is the Short Lehman calculation wrong? That should be +99%, n’cest pas?

  • http://fundmymutualfund.com TraderMark

    lol – some of these are hilarious in retrospect

    I was dogging Miller saying Freddie goes to zero; he was adding!
    But hey he is having a great 2009 ;)

    Pzena and Michael Price – ow

  • http://www.firstadopter.com firstadopter

    When Seth Klarman wrote about “value pretenders”, we kind of know what he means now. :)